7 days we spent..

it’s hard to send him going back to turkey:(
really 7 days passed so fast, and we hope time can stop..
but time still go and we should separate again by distance..
7 days we spent soo happily like a dream and dont want to wake up..
can feel real he is, can touch him, can play with him real untill midnight..
no chatting, no skype … all is real in front of us..
our 2 years waited was paid by 7 days:)
but those 7 days have soo many memories for us..

yesterday, he was going back to turkey..
soo hard and difficult to let he go inside airport..
want hug and dont want let he go..
but what can we do?
and tear come to say goodbye to him..
but insallah he will back again soon for our marriage. amiinnnn:)

when i wake up today, i dont whave to wake him up for subuh salat again..
i miss wake him up from his sleep and smile come on his face..
i miss we do salat together..
i miss prepare his breakfast after wake up, especially prepare his tea:)
i miss we hang out together, his noisy for all comment about indonesia transportation or traffic..
i miss too all his noisy while we shopping together..
i miss we eat together..
i miss when we talk and playing uno untill late night..
i miss all beautiful moment when we spent together..
all is soo goodd..
insallahhh later we can spend the rest of our life together ahmetimmm:) amiiinnnnnn
i miss youuu soo bad askim ahmetimm:)


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