hı agaın me ahmet:) today already our 21th mont:) ıt look like long but ı dont understand how time passed so fast. becausee ı wath with anım so muchh ı want tıme stop when with her .untill thıs time we have so so so much good moment . we smile together we sad together we laugh together we cry toget shortly we spent all tıme together. untıll thıs time we never spend one day without eachother:) because we are fısh and sea . we cant wıthout eachothers. she ıs my all really my breath .alhamdulıllahh sooooooo muchh to allah for gıve anım to mee:) how we love eachother lıkes thıs? ı know u wonder thıs questıon so much. we are far from eachother so much  . yessss  our tıme dıfferent our contıdıtıon dıfferent our stuatıon dıfferent our cultere dıfferent . but our heart ıs 1 our feel ıs one. real love ıs not easy . but all dıffucult thıng can make strong us so strong:) real love ıs thıs altough all dıffucult thıng can be happy together:) when see her eyees when hear her voıce ı can forget alll my heart be like bırd and so fast lıke fırst meet:) realyyyy ı love her unlımıtted and we be happy together everytimeeee we can solve all problem becausee we have real loveee and will love eachother forever:) thank u anıkuuuu for came too my lıfeee thank uuuuu for love meeee and yal allah alhamdulıllah sooooooo much for gıve her tomeee:) anımmmmmmmm ı loveee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu unlımıtteddddddd 🙂 ı am so empty wıthout u . my all thıng more real when with uu. sun ıs more warm day ıs more brıght breath ıs more good food ıs more delicious all lıfe ıs more more good when with youu:) and ı want share one poem from her:):


kau adalah bintang di hatiku

tawamu mengisi hari-hari ku

tanpamu hidup ini terasa hampa

tak ada warna dan tak ada cahaya

aku hanya ingin selalu bersamamu

disampingmu dan tak perna pergi

bagai ikan dan air yang tak bisa hidup terpisah

ahmetku.. aku cinta padamu

sampai kapanpun

  ı know ıt mean soo good because ıt came from deep froom ream lovee:) 


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