my heart cry while u cry askimmm

Hllo again me egoist and bad boy ahmet.just want share my heart say to you.Today i make sad my all animmm soo muchh . I can be so selfish and so egoist sometimes like today:( today i make cry anikuu so much too. But when she cry my heart too cry soo much.but anikuu still love me somuch also i make sad her. Realyy i am so luck for have her love. Realyy i cant descriibe my love about her. I want die when make anim sad . Because i can give all my life for just her happinies. Realyy she is my all my mean my breath. Anikuuuu so so so soryyy for make u sad. Pleasee forgive me. Sometimes i look like baby and make u sad but dont forget i love uuu unlimitted my everything full with uuu. Sorry for make bored . Senin bir damla goz yasin icin ben bu omrumden gecerim animm herseyimm. Gozlerin dunYam benim gulusun gunesim varligin manam benim askin herseyimmm.


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