I reply you..

umm, hahahaha..
i like so much when he come out my blog and also write about me here:D (altough it forced by me :P)
hahaha so ridiculous right? our relation..
also we sooo believe in this relation (also each other) eventhough we dint meet yet bfore. ahemmm
it look we know each other well seems like we’ve met bfore..
this is almost 19 months (right? haha. i cant count it, always ahmet count it well) hahha
ummmmm.. actually need him so much heree..
heyyy my egoist and selfishhhh huryyy come hereee.. really u so lucky have a patient girl like me hohoho 😛
andd this is i want write about himm.. hahahha..
Ahmet erkaramannn is aboy whooo…
1. Nakall (we prefer called it in indonesian bahasa than english)
yesss, he is! and he proud of it! allah allah. he is “tengil” and like play me everytime. in turkce it called “haylaz”
and he said already from his childhood he was soooo nakal. cant calm, always find everything to play around. ohhhh.. and this is make me fireeee himm sometimes nooo everytime 😀
2. ummmmmm, egoist and selfish
hahahahhaha yessssss…. soo egoist and selfish, he just want me everytime with him
3. spoiled like a baby
i told that he want me everytime beside him, everytime chat him. and you know what? we always chat everyday everytime never lost contact since we start our relation. really like a baby want her mom everytime. allah allah.. so spoiled tooo..
3. so smart, strong from outside but soft inside, talk like political, fire when wake up alsoo much more. i know a whole life not enough to describe him hahhaa (reason he make when describe me). and the most important is im soooooo lucky have him 😀
i pray always we can meet soon, aminnnnnnnn.. insallah situation support us:D bcause already more that half and 1 year. hohoooo… ckckck really im so patient, proud of myself soo much:P


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