Hello again me , egoist boy,ahmet  (ani say like this) hahaha.ı want tell about ani’s behaviour:) animm everytimee funny and have so clean heart. her think everytime good and dont want people sad ( sometimes make me sad because of it) hahah . want help to people everytimee so kind( but while angry ummm abit fire).and she like sleep so sooo soo muchhh because everytime sleeppy and say everytime ”why my eyes why my eyes” hahaha and while sleepy write wrong type:) when sleepy she become so so so cuteee like a babyyy ı laugh soo muchh because her one eyes open the other eyes closed hahaha:) but she want make me happy everytime so she can give up her sleep. because wake up 2 or 3 am for me everytimee:).                    but sometimes make me angry and fire soo much:):) just sometimes:) ( especially become korean crazyy) haha and when her ego came. her ego before came so much but now ego dont came much hahah:) . but when she smile me and say sayang ı forget all fire all angryy and start smile like crazy. ı dont know how can she do it to me ?:):) ani is perfect girlfriend for me .:) she teach me real love she teach me how can love someone more much than the other things:) because her love soo clean so real and came from deep 🙂 ı just can say alhamdulillahhh sooo much for have her love:) really ı cant describe my happinies with her:) by the way ı make fire her sometimes too:) but just sometimes heheh:) ı know while she read here she will say ” just sometimes ?hııhhhh everytime” hahah:):) ı know u so well askımmm:) and ı am abit nakal and sisko anim say these too:) but she sisko too hahahah:) but our love soo soo reall. we pray everytimee for allah keep our love 🙂 ı cant without ani because she already become my all:) aku cintaaaaaa kamuuuuuu anikuuuuuuuu:) and ıstr…..u):) you know askım how fill here hahha:) sorry ıf bored and sorry for my bad english:):)


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