About the most cute and beautiful girl:)(anı ruwani E)

ı am ahmet ( the most lucky boy in the world:) heheh:).u can ask why? ummmmm(ıf ani see this fire much hehe), because ı have the most special girl in this world:).
this relation and this girl(anie) is gift for me from allah:). when see her foto first my heart say this girl different pleasee never give up. just her one look took my all mind  sorry not just mind now take my all:) heheh
first time no body belive us ( ani too) hahahah:) but ı never give up belive and pray soo much . now almost 19 month finished ı pray insallah ıt will continue untill forever:) maybe u can think ohh ıt is soo long but every ı wake up ı feel look like first time meet anii ı am soo exciting my heart soo fast and want be with anikuu everytimeee.and my love grow grow:).
anikuu teach me so many things. first teach me how real love,  how can be clean , how can give her sleep for mee ( by the way animm lıke sleep soo much and everytime sleepyyy):) hahahah . while look her eyes ı can forget all thing all my problem  time look like stop:)
when she smilee all world become more bright and everywhere become warm:)( askım sun envy you and jelous u for your smile more warm than ıt:) hahha.ı just can watch ani until rest of my life . she make me soo crazyyyyyyyy . realllly there is so many things about my love to ani but ı know all words cant enough for describe it and one life need for say it:) ı know you dont have time  soo ı just can sayy ya allahhh alhamdulıllahhhh( ı said “e” but ani force “a” so ı use a for she happy) unlimitted for give anim to mee  really ı am soo luckyy:) thank you soo much sayang for accept me and love me . your love is my all 🙂 ı want write her wrong but ıt is so long:heheheh jokesss:) ı accept your everything and say alhamdulillah while ı breath everysecond for have you:) ı loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu unlimitted my real and forever love:):):)


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