what he think about concert?

as usually, there is one boy who wants i write something about him here. ckckck that Ahmet erkaraman:D uekeke
we usually have different think about go to concert. fiuhhhh -___-‘
he thinks that go concert is useless, u just spent ur money with no mean, and all u just got is tired bcause of scream, go to concert place or standing during concert!
he said that the money u spent for concert ticket can used for poor family to eat, but u just spent all of it for urself scream just 3 hours or 4 hours! meaningless!
u scream for the idols or give money for buy their concer ticket, but what idols do for you? just sing and dancing.. ckckck~

but, i think it just like that, bcause u pay for euforia, go see ur idol directly, and its different feel than u just see on computer or tv besides u have to spent money so much for that hahaha 😀 but, he also right!your feel so much better if you spend that money for poor people than just spend it for pay ticket. LoL
hahahaha, i know all fans out of there wanna hit him and kill him LOL!

i post this just wanna share about different think from someone who doesnt care about concert..
whatever it is, whatever our think so different, i still love him sincerly~ 😀


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