boys think logically, girls think emotionally

Sooo, from our relation I learnt that boy think so logically, I don’t mean all boys but I just learnt from him.
When our first relation, if I feel sad bcause of him and I said “I’m ok, don’t worry” it actually means that “please u think what u’ve done, I’m not ok bcause of you” hahaha so, girls want boy to understand her good without say so much thing what her feel actually.
Buut, what boy understand from that said “I’m ok, don’t worry”? Boys understand that girls really ok and nothing happened to her. Fuiihhh~ yeah! Boys think logically!
I don’t know, if it can generate situation to all girls and boy, but my other friends’ boys too like that, so I advice that first we have to tell boys that when I said like that it mean this and bla bla bla so next moment when that situation come again, taraangg~ your boy can know and understand what u feel like him:D
Haha because people said that girls want to be understood by boy 😀
maybe that story just an example that boys think logically and girls think emotionally from my relation with him 😀


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