hello final work!

This is really aaaaaaaaaa~
My hardcore research noo I mean our research haha also my lecture’s doctoral final work research too..
Ummm, as people said that the hardest thing to do in our school is final work. And my final work tataratammm.. Huh hah huh hah! *like push up more than 100 times*
I must interview 320 housewifes around Bogor and have to come-go-come-go by motorcycle ! Also each housewife must answer 20pages of questionaire its about more than 100 questions anndd spend time almost 2 hours interview. Mommm~
And also I didnt do my proposal yet 😥
How can it be!
God! Allah~ help me pleaaseee~
Wanna cry~ T.T huhu
And for find realibility and validity my questionaire, it must be tried to 30 housewifes and now we just reached 10 housewifes~
Ok, let’s do it! Fighting!
Science graduated~ I’m comiingg~ amiinnnn..


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