just from deep heart

You just can realize that if make relation with someone, its just a waste for make bad each other or we just fighting or egoing or angry bcause ur partner’s fault.
When you face that situation, you just waste time bcause you don’t get anything.
Sometimes maybe when you face that situation, just still be calm and think positively then talk slowly to your partner what’s problem and how is it, then what you want, what should we do. So you get the point:)
When you have soo much happy time with your partner, it will make both you two have quality time and beautiful moment can’t be forgotten. And can make you healthy also lol
So, I’m so sorry if sometimes my ego come, make situation more bad and make hurt him bcause after that it will make me regret so so much.
Sorry from my deep heart♥
*my english really bad. m(_._)m


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