Finally come !!

It’s been a Month I wait packet from him. He already ask me again and again everyday “packet come?” And I also answer again and again “not yet” also he already come to turkey’s post office for ask it again again . Maybe officer bored see his face ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahaha and officer said it is in hongkong!! Ahow can I’m not shocked!! What??! Hongkong? It far away from indonesia~
I also afraid so much if that packet don’t come to me and go back again to Turkey. Because I send to his house and come just 10 days. Great pos indonesia! Hahaha
Then, he also check and write to turkey’s post site for ask about packet but they didn’t reply it and it show still in Hongkong. Oh my god!
Umm, I can’t wait for packet because there is special thing in it *ehm ehm* I can’t tell you all . Hahahaha
Ok, many days past and not come yet. I let it to Allah, and he said packet come again to Istanbul! What? I shocked again! Istanbul? Go back again??
Ok, and he said for send again if it go back again *thank youuuu~*
And days past again and just mybe 1 week ago, I come from school and suddenly, aunt in dorm knock my door. When I open door, she bring packet and said that delivery man want 7000 for paid more. And I shocked and ask aunt “is it really for me? My name in it?” And aunt said “yess” then I paid it.
After, I see its from turkey!!! Hahaha. I can’t believe it come. He said it go istanbul but now in my room! Hahaha
I’m so nervous open it and I hurry tell him packet come, also he can’t believe it. Haha
And I open it, one by one I open its cover~ tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!
I like sooooo much what he and his family give to me :):) thank you thank you sooo much for all thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
*i envy that packet already go around the world haahahaha*


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