ehm.. bukan apa apa juga sih, gak ada maksud juga. ehehe.
cuma knp tiba2 tertarik sama satu negara ini? apalagi sifat cowo2nya yang banyak yang bilang klo mereka romantis blablabla..hahahha, bener gak yaa?
ehm, dan ternyata setelah telasar telusur banyak juga cewe indonesia yang udah nikah sama cowo turki ini. dan dari penjelasan cerita mereka siihh emang bikin envyy~~ >___<
daann, korea pun, bagaimana nasipnya? hah! molla~~
ini, ada satu kesaksian cewe turki tentang cowo turki itu sendiri kaya gimana, yaahh emang kita gak bisa generalisasi sih. cm bisa bisain ah!hahha *maksa mode on
ini adalah suatu pendapat yang gw temukan di yahoo answer mengenai turkeyboy sendiri..
mudah-mudahan ada benernya, gw sih merasa kalo sebagian emang bener.heheh
but, who knows?
“Turkish men. Most of them are great lovers. They really like the romance, giving gifts, try to impress you with anything. They are generally handsome, I like especially dark hair and green eyes combination.
Well, I am a Turkish woman and have a British boyfriend. Why not a Turkish man! My problem was the jealousy. But I found out that the British men are jelaous too. He moved To Turkiye and started to watch every single thing I do.
To be honest with you even I have a British boyfriend, I still think that Turkish guys are really great.
Some of the girls who visited Turkiye talk about that the guys were offering tea and etc. What’s wrong with it. I did it a lot to the people who are foreigners. That has nothing to do with the men, it is the HOSPITALITY, which is in our nature. If you take it wrong, that’s your problem than.
Briefly, they are honest, handsome, a bit macho, very protective and have the big man ego but that suits them very well and jealous.
Most important thing, they can do anything for you if they love.


Istanbul, Turkiye

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